Why should I purchase a U.S.A. made mattress?

There are many variables that U.S. consumers should consider before investing in a mattress, and one of the most important should always be the country of origin. Not only does it affect the quality of your product, but it has direct implications on the economy and U.S. workers.  We are committed to only selling products that proudly bear the label "Made in USA" and we hope that you enjoy our products and recommend them to your friends and family.

Not only are we concerned with supporting local economies and protecting U.S. workers, but the quality of the end product is also of major concern. In particular, the number of companies who sell imported memory foam and other mattresses that ship directly to consumers are too numerous to mention. However, many times these mattresses are compressed for months on end, and they lose the ability to fully "recover" their shape and original density. Our mattresses are fully expanded in our factory until your order is placed, when they are carefully compressed, vacuum sealed, and packed into a box that we ship directly to your door. The time that our U.S. made mattresses stay compressed from the factory to your bedroom is usually less than a week.

Having a mattress that has not been packed inside of an airtight vacuum seal for weeks or months also has another advantage – off-gassing.  When you receive your mattress, you may notice what we like to think of it as the "new car" smell of your mattress. This should only be slight, and it should dissipate within a few days. Many lower quality mattresses have a strong odor, and many are advertised to contain green tea or charcoal, which is actually infused to combat the off-gassing odors of some lower quality and imported foams.

We use only CertiPUR-US certified foams, and we stand behind the quality of each of our mattresses. Made In USA is something we are proud of and stand behind.